Canada's Next Top Model

Cycle 3

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Maryam Massoumi

Age: 18
Height: 5’9.5
Hometown: North Vancouver, BC
Occupation: Student

Episode 7: Rippin’ It Up
Eliminated 7th – 4th place
Photographer: Mike Ruiz
Episode 6: Bright Lights – No Pity
Called 3rd
(Did not participate in the photo shoot,
she did her own  photo shoot to make up for not participating in the official one.)
Episode 5: Battle Of The Blondes
Called 2nd for photo
Photographer: Dan Lim

Episode 4: Model Meltdown
Called 1st for photo
Photographer: Chris Nicholls
Episode 3: A Warm Safe Place
Called 3rd for photo
Photographer: Kurt Gardner
Episode 2: Transformers
Called 7th for photo
Photographer: Max Abadian

Angled bob, cut to shoulders

Episode 1: Ice Baby Ice
Called 1st for photo
Photographer: Nigel Barker



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